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  film school   Film School

from Brilliant Career - CD
1. American Turnip (5.3M)
2. Not About a Girl (3.9M)
3. Ume's Lament
4. Tangoed Out
5. Introduced
6. Intentions (4.4M)
7. Road to the Sunchairs
8. Far Away
9. A Taste of Dust
10. Tricky
11. Watch You Drink
12. Manville, CA (3.6M)

from I'm Not Working - 7"
Side A. Below (3.8M), Song for Your Big Day on the Green
Side B. 700 Club

Film School began as an Oakland, CA project with revolving members on bass, drums, keyboards, guitars and samples. With a moody sound anchored by the songwriting of Krayg Burton (guitar, keys and vocals) who started the band in Summer 1998, Film School has grown steadily from a loose guitar and drums two-piece to a tight group of musicians generating a powerful live show. Not afraid to shift among quiet, spare arrangements, and complex layers of guitars and keyboards, Film School turns out dynamic performances of light-and-dark indie melodies.
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PTG   Pilot To Gunner

from Hit the Ground and Hum - EP
1. Wires
2. Put it in the Post
3. The Plunder and the Pay-off
4. New Dictionaires (3.2M)
5. the dog-shaped cats

Brooklyn's Pilot to Gunner's emotional, many-sided songs find secret access points to your subconscious, instantly working their way into your personal musical history. While Pilot to Gunner is clearly influenced by Jawbox's seminal post-punk and Polvo's chaotic layers of guitar, this band has no interest in rehashing the music of bands that have come before them. Their debut EP, Hit the Ground and Hum is a strangely beautiful blend of jagged guitars and driving, complex melodies that feature singer Scott Padden's off-kilter, yelped, injured vocals. Pilot to Gunner has a unique ability to remind its listeners of unhealed, long-ignored wounds, making its music oddly and powerfully compelling.



huffy   huffy

from No High Fives - CD
1. 50-yard dash
2. Chopper Pilot
3. Boil
4. Surfcaster (3.2M)
5. Bring it On
5. So Yeah
5. Lemon List
5. Punchee
5. Splinter
5. California

from Anything Goes - 7"
Side A. Anything Goes
Side B. Handlebars

Burlington, Vermont's huffy stopped rocking in 1997, around the same time its former label, Ringing Ear (home to the likes of New Sweet Breath and Doc Hopper) called it quits. Now the band has released a posthumous record, No High Five, on metoo! Records. The album provides a shining snapshot of the brilliant music these three small town kids let out of the basement for the world to hear. Songs like Chopper Pilot and Surfcaster are both wise beyond their years and make you want to jump up and down and break shit. Think of some of the catchier Ringing Ear bands, throw in some Meices and Hüsker Dü, and you're starting to get there. This is catchy, melodic indie rock at its very best: intelligent songs played with real feeling and musicianship. No High Five is full of high-speed heartbreakers that get stuck in your head in the best way. Virtually every line will remind you of that one summer when you got wise, before you got old. This is a record you won't forget.

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