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film school
  Film School - Out of Print -
Brilliant Career - CD

Film School's debut album. Recorded in 1999/2000 in Krayg Burton's bedroom and at Black Eyed Pig Studios in San Francisco (Kyle Statham), Brilliant Career seemlessly moves between private, spare arrangements and complex layers of guitars and keyboards. Guest players include Scott Kannberg (Pavement), Kyle Statham (Fuck) and Mauri Skinfill (Glitter Mini 9), among others.

film school   Film School
I'm Not Working - 7"

Oakland, CA based film school delivers their own brand of quiet/loud indie rock in this debut 7" release. Layered guitars and keyboards provide textured melodies for Burton's quiet somewhat moody vocals.

pilot to gunner   Pilot to Gunner
hit the ground and hum - EP

Recorded with Geoff Turner at WGNS Studios in DC, Pilot to Gunner's debut e.p. is a unique blend of jagged guitars and driving, complex melodies. Building on the post punk sound of the early 90s, Pilot to Gunner have a song crafting ability not found in many bands today. Look for a full length on Gern Blandsten in April 01.

huffy   huffy
No High Five - CD

huffy's posthumous CD, No High Five, provides a shining snapshot of the brilliant music these three small town kids let out of the basement for the world to hear. Think of some of the catchier Ringing Ear bands, throw in some Meices and Hüsker Dü, and you're starting to get there. This is catchy, melodic indie rock at its very best: intelligent songs played with real feeling and musicianship. No High Five is full of high-speed heartbreakers that get stuck in your head in the best way.

huffy 7inch   huffy - Out of Print-
anything goes - 7" on Ringing Ear Records

If you can only own one power pop record in this world this is the one. Both "anything goes" and "handlebars" are catchy punk pop songs that will stand the test of time. It's too bad you can't play 7"s in your car.

eric's trip
  eric's trip/moviola - spilt 7"
moviola- "payday", "don't spook the horse" eric's trip- "pillow (red)"

lo-fi indie rock at it's best